The MHL Offer

We make sustainable living simple and beautiful.


Are you interested in being more resilient and less dependent on infrastructure like public utilities and industrialized food? But are you also frustrated or overwhelmed because you don’t have the time or energy to research all the ins and outs in order to decide which projects or products are best?

Mud Hut Lab is here to help you. Whether you want to grow your own food, harvest your own rain water, heat and cool your home with the sun, or generate your own electricity, let us do the research for you then design solutions that best meet your particular needs.


What do we charge?

Our rates are simple – an introductory rate of $35 an hour (this reflects the national average for freelance design in the U.S.)

We are willing to travel to your site (travel expenses will be added).

We are also willing to install the entire system for you and teach you how to maintain it (travel expenses, labor, and material cost will be added).


What can you expect?

1. You can expect to describe your present situation and what challenge you want to resolve.

2. We will need you to help supply relevant materials, facts, and information.

3. You can expect to give feedback during the design process.

4. Once it’s all finished, you can expect to receive a detailed design solution as a downloadable electronic guide in PDF format.

5. Third, you can expect to be delighted or we will refund your money – guaranteed.


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